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Today is April 4th, the school puts a cl

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Today is April 4th, the school puts a clear holiday. I went back to my hometown to spend the Ching Mingorning Newport Cigarettes Website, my mother and grandmother got up early and did a lot of things. They went to the market to buy vegetables and meat Marlboro Cigarettes Online, including onions, peas, pork intestines, tofu, pork, and pork belly. After the mother bought all kinds of things, she went home and killed her chicken, cooking, and firecrackers on the spot... to prepare for the Qingming grave. Mother told us that we should not run around after dinner and prepare to go to the grave in the morning.m, Dad, Grandma, Erbo, and Auntie have been preparing for work from morning to noon. At about 11 o'clock, we took soda and beer, as well as chicken, duck, rice, fruit, firecrackers and other supplies, and set off with sacks filled with yellow paper, meditation and other sacrifices. My brother is responsible for all the sodas and beers. Although he is heavy, he insists on reaching his destination because his mother believes in his strength. Relatively speaking, the things I took were very light, but the lked for a long time and finally reached our destination. My brother was tired and panting, and my tired heart was pounding. My brother and I first arrived at the cemetery, and the group behind them slowly followed.Erbo came up, he said nothing. He picked up the hoe and cleaned up the weeds and mud from the tombstone of Taigong. After cleaning it up, he called Dad to the nearby mud and picked up the hoe and dug a few large pieces of mud. . My brother and cousin went to move the stone together Carton Of Newports. We moved the stone to the tomb, and then all the paper money was handed over to Erbo, and Erbo put the neatly stacked paper money in the north-south direction of the stone monument Cigarettes For Sale, pressed with stones. After that, Grandma put two bowls of dry rice in the center of the rice with two pairs of dry chopsticks, and placed various supplies in front of the tombstone. Then Grandma took out a large sack of yellow paper and money, let us evenly spread them. My brother was the most hilarious, and he tried his best to smash it like a sandbag, so that the money was evenly spread and the skin of his fist was broken. After the paper money was good, my cousin lit the fire, lit the incense sticks, and the paper money was piled up in a stack Marlboro Red. In the process of burning paper money, because of the wind, the surrounding hay burned up, and we quickly picked it up. After the branches slammed the flames and extinguished the flames, they also smashed a fire barrier. Then burn the paper money that has not been burned. At this time, the sky started to rain, the cousin said: "Oops, it rains." Xiaogu and her mother did not panic, they said in unison: "Under the money, the money, the ancestors are blessing us to make big money this year. !". Several cousins ??ignited the "romantic fireworks", and with the "hng three times, the salute was like an arrow from the bow. After dancing a few laps in the air, it exploded and looked colorful. The light rain stopped at this time, and the sun appeared again in the sky.mbers kneel down in front of the tombstones that have been laid. With the screams of Erbo, we are silently wishing the ancestors to rest in Jiuquan and praying for the ancestors to bless our next generation.y, we opened up the things we brought, and lunch was eaten at the tomb, meaning that we invited our ancestors to eat with us. I think this meal is delicious, and I think it is interesting and meaningful to sweep the tomb during the Ching Ming Festival.

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