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At six o'clock in the morning, I was woken

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At six o'clock in the morning, I was woken up by my mother and asked me not to go to Phoenix Mountain. I "turned up" and said "Yes! Of course!" When we got ready, we set off.n as I set foot on Fenghuang Mountain, I smelled a clear smell of earth and looked around. The grass, safflower and green trees grew lush and presented with vitality. The little bird in the sky screamed, as if to say "Ah! It��s so beautiful! It��s beautiful!" short while, we walked to the "two dragon pools" halfway up the mountain. I saw two life-like "faucets" spraying water into the pool Cigarette Online, splashing half a meter high in the pool, and it was beautiful. I puzzled and asked my father: "How long has the water flowing from this faucet? Where does the water come from?" Dad said to me with a smile: "Child, this water is taken from the mountain reservoir, with a pipe. When I received the "Dragon Mouth", because of the large gap in the water level, I formed the spectacle of "Dragon Spitting Water." Do you know?" Dad unveiled this mystery, we continued to go up. After ten minutes, our family walked in the avenue of the Agricultural Bank of China. Hey! It��s really beautiful here. The tall banyan tree stands neatly on the sidewalk. Please keep this mark next to it. It seems like a sergeant who is being reviewed Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The flowers on the ground have been opened, and the grass is dazzling, so people t say, people went out to travel during the "Five. One" festival, but many people still came to visit Phoenix Mountain. what! How close is it to nature! oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, today, I am so excited!" Listening to Dad, I am going to play in Phoenix Mountain. Um... Anyway, I am very happy! "Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh..."n we arrived at Phoenix Mountain, we were all happy to be three feet high. It was almost going crazy, guessing the game inside. Buy tickets, we rush in like lightning. As soon as we entered, we saw the "earthquake house Cigarette Tobacco For Sale." We are very curious, just walk inside and watch. The tube-rational staff first led us to stand on something like a bed. There was something like a movie screen in front of us, and there was a voice inside: "Please let the students feel a slight vibration." The "bed" under our feet slowly trembled. "The earthquake house" is such a thing, hey, it seems fun, it is not as interesting as I thought Marlboro Red. Hey, the strong vibration is only a little more powerful than the previous few shakes.he most fun is surfing. First, the boat slowly moved to the heights. When I drove to the highest point, I looked down. Ah, everything is at my feet! It��s terrible. At this time, the boat quickly rushed from the height to the low Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. I suddenly felt the death coming, and my heart was taken alive. I couldn't help but scream. In the scream, just listen to the "pump", the water will come to us. Ah, it turns out that we have already rushed to the surface below, huh, it��s exciting! Please keep this mark off the boat, I will take photos with my dad. The photo was taken in a real and scary scene: Dad��s eyes widened, his face was pale and his mouth became a 0-type, and he must scream loudly! Then look at the people around, some cover their faces, some hold their heads, and some people can't help but stand up, their facial expressions are the same - panic. Hahaha, it��s so funny.

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